BT – ‘Company of the Year’ Caught Stealing?

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The more money you have, the easier it becomes to steal; though I use the term steal loosely. Yes, this is going to be a rant on how screwed up one of BT’s company policies is.
I work from home and don’t exactly receive a daily plethora of phone calls. Most of the time the calls that I receive are in fact cold calls. A couple of weeks ago it occurred to me that all of a sudden that I had not been receiving these pesky calls for some time and whilst I was not over the moon about it, it was non-the-less a pleasant thought. A couple of days ago I realised that it was not a stroke of luck, neither was it some ingenious BT update that was actually doing what it was supposed to be doing all along, to have me off their lists to prevent cold-callers, but in fact my BT line was all but dead. That’s right; I was off the grid so to speak because of a fault on BT’s line.

How could I have not been alerted to this earlier you may well ask; well the fact that my internet connection that runs through the same line did not have a problem with it kind of masked the problem for me. I mean, I’m not an engineer, not a telecommunications engineer anyway, and I have never worked for BT services ever, so, how would I know? Using the phone? I don’t, I only use it to receive calls.

Were they stealing my money?

I call BT support and ask them politely, all the while quietly fuming inside, what the problem is with my line. For the last month I have neither been able to receive nor make phone calls from my line for which I am paying you guys at BT. They test the line (whilst I wait on hold, hoping not to lose them as this is the third time that I have had to call!!) and come back to me informing me that the line has a fault. Really?

BT organise to have the line repaired and my calls redirected to my mobile number. They also tell me that they will refund me the cost of the line for every day AFTER the ALLOCATED repair date. Ok, not too bad though, allegedly the line will be repaired tomorrow.

What about all the calls and potential business I missed?
Tough, apparently BT keep no such record.

What about some compensation on the cost of the BT line rental for that period that I could not use the line for calls?
Tough, BT will only compensate you AFTER you report a fault and AFTER the date they allocate to fix your line.

Are you telling me it is ok to keep stealing until you get cought? Only give back what you are taking AFTER you are receiving a complaint about it?
(no response, just another “I’m terribly sorry, but…”)

What about the cost of the calls to BT to have the fault fixed (seeing as it is a freephone number, from landlines)?
Tough, you are told at the start of the call that it is chargeable and if you want to make the call for free, apparently I should have visited a neighbour!

What about the fact that, as BT proudly display on their bills, they won the ‘Company of the Year Award’?
Well, actually I didn’t ask this, I merely stated that it appeared to be a joke from my perspective.

Company of the Year?
BT, I seriously hope not. All this the day AFTER I was promised a call-back because their system was down. I guess she forgot.

This is so WE do not forget. Clever policies do not make for good business-customer relationships, only bitter ones. It is not stealing after all, my mistake, it is ‘Company Policy’.
Take care, and be warned.


Are they deliberately wasting my time?

They only went and redirected the landline to the wrong mobile number! So, guess what, I’m calling AGAIN to have them rectify yet another problem caused by BT. Another tailback, an automated ringback is on offer telling me that they will callback within 45 minutes… Let’s see how they do this time.

Callback within 5 minutes direct from india and the redirect has been updated. Apparently. I’ll check in 30 minutes once BT’s super-computers update. It’s a bit like waiting for Google to come and spider your site again to list your new content, except, as soon as Google knows the content is there, it is added… hmmm… Not so super I guess.

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