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Username and Email Address

Your broadband username, which you should use when connecting to the Internet is in one of the following formats:

Your Dial Up and Email Username will be in one of the following formats:

You chose the ‘yourname’ segment when you registered with Orange, Wanadoo or Freeserve.

Please note:
@fs should not be used in email or webspace settings

Your email address is your choice of name, followed by the ‘@’ sign and your email username, eg

You can use as many email addresses before the ‘@’ sign as you like, eg:, and

For details of valid email addresses, see choosing your orange email address.

Access Your Email Online

You can access your email here:

Advanced Orange Home settings

Server settings
The address of the Orange POP mail server is:
The address of the Orange SMTP mail server is:
Do not use secure password authentication to access mail

IP address
Your IP address is allocated dynamically via DHCP- you do not need to set this. We are unable to offer a static IP address.

DNS settings should be set to ‘automatically obtain’ – there are only rare instances where Orange settings should be used. For information, the first set of Orange DNS settings are for IPStream customers, the second set for LLU.

Domain name service is dynamic.

If connecting to a router, and need DNS settings for home networking, use the IP address or your router, i.e. *

If Orange domain name server (DNS) addresses are required, you should use: and

Or, if you experience problems with the above, use: and

Dial Up FTP and HTTP Proxy Settings

Port Number: 8080

Router settings
If you choose to use an Ethernet modem / router, the correct connection settings are:

PPP over ATM

Multiplexing method:

Virtual circuit:

Multi mode

MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit)

In case of problems with a third party router, change MTU to 1492 (Livebox default setting)

Dial-up numbers
If your computer is connected to the Internet, you can get your dial-up number (and connection settings) from our account retrieval pages:

If your computer isn’t connected to the Internet, you can use an Orange CD to set-up your computer. If you have already registered, select the Retrieve Account tab and follow the links to Retrieve Your Account.

Site Builder/ FTP My Site

The address of your website can take the form: or

If you use FTP My Site the FTP server address is

Your username takes the form:|sitename|sitename|sitename|sitename|sitename|sitename|sitename

Your Password is the one you chose when registering with the My Site service.

You can register for Site Builder/ FTP My Site by visiting

These details were taken directly from the Orangehome support website cached by Google. This page has been added here as an archive because the page is currently no longer available or has moved somewhere else on the Orangehome support site, which I cannot find. I/We take no responsibility of any kind for the way in which this information is used.

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  1. arthur mckevitt wrote:

    I am not receiving email ,yet my setings are correct in Outlook Express.
    This is an old email adress and I would like to continue receiving mail even if I have to pay something for the service
    Regards Arthur

  2. John Rulton wrote:

    I have removed my wanadoo internet connection by mistake.
    Can I put in my original wanadoo set up disc and re set up as I did the first time.

  3. Omar wrote:

    You most probably can reset the connection settings with the CD provided by Wanadoo, though it is impossible for me to say for sure if this will fix the problem you are having because I do not have enough detail regarding the actual problem. Saying that you have ‘removed’ the connection does not give me enough information to diagnose your problem. For all I know, you may have just unplugged your network cable or boxed up the modem! Good Luck

  4. Rui wrote:

    Dear sirs I’ve got an dial up account with orange and I would like to send and receive emails through
    U iPhone can you send me the settings from incoming to outgoing servers hosts ports etc thank you

  5. Derek Osborne wrote:

    My outlook Express account has stopped and I am asked to put in my user name and Password. Doing this just brings the same box back asking for the same information. If I go into Orange I can pick my e-mail up. Can you re-installl me in Outlook express please?

  6. Omar wrote:

    @DerekOsborne – The chances are that your email service provider’s system was down. If the problem persists, let me know and I will see if I can help.

  7. Eileen Pohl wrote:

    I have been retrieving emails using Outlook for several years but recently I have noticed that not all but some (most?) of my orange emails never get downloaded. The same happens if I send a Microsoft test email – some are received and some stay on the orange server. I can only access these emails via the orange website.

    Can you help, please?

    Eileen Pohl

  8. Omar wrote:


    I would recommend contacting Orange about this problem. Sounds like it is a problem on their end… no surprise.
    If you have reached the end of your contract, I would recommend changing service providers alltogether though and sending out a message to everyone with your new (hotmail perhaps) email address.

    Good luck

  9. Paul wrote:


    You are not alone with this problem, I have been having problems for over a week and despite several emails to Orange they still keep trying to blame Microsoft, firewall and virus software.

    The problem does seem to be limited to sending & receiving Orange / Freeserve / Fsnet addresses. From what I have been able to determine I cannot send or receive any mail from “Orange” email addresses yet all other email is unaffected.

    I did notice that the “Envelope-to” in the headers of the mail that will not download all have “” rather than my email address.

  10. Ian Furniss wrote:

    I have had to leave Orange home, after being told I needed a contract to keep my address live I now find thats not true. However I can receive e-mails and spam but not send any. What settings should I have in the accounts to get this working. I am extremely Anry at the way Orange have operated with regard to my account ie:- (1) telling me I needed an acount when I didn’t (2) that I had to have an 18 month account when they only set up a 12 month one (3) it does n’t work any way. I have therefore payed £360 for something I didn’t have. I look forward to your help ( in English please )
    Dissatisfied customer!!!!!

  11. Sue wrote:

    Yet another problem with Orange mail and the address. When will Orange stop blaming everybody else and fix the problem!
    Still cant send or receive any messages via outlook but other email software is unaffected.

  12. Peter Haynes wrote:

    I simply cannot work out how to get my windows mail working with the fslife email address I have. I can take emails in but just can’t send them out. Can anyone help me please. I have emailed (from the online website) orange direct but not had a reply at all.

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