Orange Home Outgoing SMTP E-mail Service Problem – SOLUTIONS

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(See Andy’s solution in the Comments suggesting ‘Try instead of’. I have tested this and it works.)

Before saying anything else, avoid Orange Home Broadband service like the plague if you use either Microsoft Outlook or Windows Vista.

Having spent the last 3 hours on the phone with OrangeHome (0870 010 2462), with 5 different Technical representatives, 1 hour with my techie (Web Host) and untold combinations in the effort to get my mail to send from Outlook on the Windows Vista platform, I have finally given up. It seems to be a lost cause.

Not only is my outgoing mail being blocked at Orange (built on Wanadoo), but they insist that the problem lies with everyone else. Interesting seeing as my set-up was working absolutely fine on Outlook from my laptop running XP (Service Pack 2) until I switched to Orange Broadband – ‘Unlimited’ (yes, you may now laugh. I am.)

So, No mail from either my Vista Desktop or my XP laptop; in fact the only way that I can send any mail at all is using WebMail or the mail account provided to me by OrangeHome. It would only be fair to say that the e-mail account Orange provied me with will send mail from Outlook Express though. Unfortunately the only way that I can send e-mail through my 12 other accounts is now via a web browser at my host’s WebMail service.

It goes without saying that I will be switching ASAP.

Be warned, Orange Broadband, ‘unlimited’ has provided in my opinion, not only the worst internet service ever in the UK, but also the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

ClaraNet, here I come ;)


I urge everyone to write to the Orange CEO at the following email address:

Also, if you are lucky enough to have a flexible email service provider (ie you have your own website domain and are hosting a website with a company) you may be able to get the mail through using another SMTP port such as 587 (as opposed to the standard port 25) as it is port 25 that Orangehome blocks.

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  1. R W wrote:

    until the new year I would have disagreed, but since the 31st December I have had no ADSL or internet connection through orange.
    I have been in contact with them over two weeks and 8 calls, all I get is, “there is a fault on the line”!!

  2. Will wrote:

    Have you tried changing the smtp server settings on your email account(s) to I have issues when sending emails from home, and it requires that I use the smtp server from orange, instead of my own.

  3. Omar wrote:

    Indeed I did try using
    I am now using Outlook 2007 and still the same problem. In fact, it is worse now because I cannot even receive pop mail from my server using this Orange Broadband connection. What do you expect for 2Mb connection at £5 a month?

    Can’t complain at that kind of money. It does as a backup line. I’m interrested now in the 3 Mobile Broadband service. Whopping 2MB a month for £15 at 256Kb/s (average) Down-speed… I may swap this Orange Broadband service to 3 as soon as this year’s contract expires. Not so long to go now!

  4. Simon wrote:

    I am sorry to say that the excellent record of ineptitude also runs to the mobile phone service. The list is too long to name here, but when it comes to Orange, they have done more to stop people communicating to people than North Korea could ever hope for.

  5. James wrote:

    I have the same problem with the outgoing mail server settings. Nothing seems to work.

  6. jim Preston wrote:

    I’m glad I am not the only one with this horrendous problem.
    My troublees started when Orange offered a 8mg update.
    I have had the same unhelpful advice from the Indian experts.
    I receive E.Mails with no problem but cannot send

  7. Phil Gregory wrote:

    Thank god !!!
    I was convinced it must be me and my outgoing mail set up. The incoming is no problem BUT the outgoing is completely random with it not working about 80% of the time. Unfortunately i have got a year to go on the contract!

  8. Omar wrote:

    What I find tragic is that given the number of people or huge proportion of users that will be using outlook or similar to manage their own e-mail accounts that Orange neither facilitate such a service nor do they advise prospect customers that this, ever so basic and essential communication facility is not available for use on their network whatsoever.
    Simply atrocious.

    I can’t imagine ANYONE ever feeling the need to ask a web service provider, especially one as renowned as Orangehome, if they facilitate sending e-mail with their own service provider and not just through their own email account system – etc. (see orangehome settings)

  9. Martyn wrote:

    Try increasing the server timeouts in ‘more setting’ – ‘advanced settings’ .
    I was having the same problems sending via Orange SMTP but sorted it out by increasing the server timeout ot 2mins 30 seconds.

  10. John Cooper wrote:

    I could receive email but not send in Outlook Express, using an Orange mobile internet dongle. I tried everything. Then I discovered which sorted the problem in 2 minutes, and costs me about 50p/month.

  11. Omar wrote:

    Good recommendation John. It’s just a shame that there is no true fix or development yet where Orange Home’s outgoing mail service is concerned.

  12. John Dixon wrote:

    Suddenly, last 3 days , I have been unable to send any e-mails, receiving is O.K. , but server is cutting out before messages are sent. Prior to Monday this week I had no problem with orange at all, I phoned their Tech Support who told me they were experiencing problems and not to change anything on my computer, all would be fixed within 24 hours, mine is still not working, any ideas?

  13. Omar wrote:

    John, I am not sure of the events regarding useage of the Orangehome account that permits outgoing SMTP mail from a mail client such as Outlook. I imagine they are just having a few problems and that it will be resolved in the days to follow.

    With a bit of luck they are updating their entire system to allow for private SMTP mail sending!! :)

  14. Cheapjack wrote:

    I had similar problems with Vodafone mobile outgoing smtp service. I now use who provide an SMTP service for a small annual fee.

    It has to be said they are not 100% reliable, but they are a heck of a lot better than Vodafone or Orange.

  15. Matt wrote:

    I had a similar problem with orange, after a heated conversation with there tech support (being in IT it made me laugh some of the things they asked!!! – since my email worked the day before with my old provider…). I was escallated through a few levels of supposed teh support to the managers and they still could help!!!

    After a internet search I found that they block the smtp port and that all email must be relayed through there own smtp servers.

    All you need to do is set the out going server to:

    I still use my normal (non orange email addresses) to recieve and relay the outgoing messages from these accounts through their server both in thunderbird and OE, so any replies come back to the correct non orange account.

    Hope this someone

  16. Omar wrote:

    Matt, I have tried this previously with Outlook but, to no avail. I can neither confirm or deny that setting the SMTP address to will work.

    Has anyone else tried this with Thunderbird or any other mail client? I have not used Thunderbird in quite a while now and therefore do not have it installed to test this.

  17. Angela Power wrote:

    Can anybody help me regarding 3 broadband using outlook express. 3 Serviec centre are completely useless; Anybody know what the incoming server address is for three. I too can receive e-mails via outlook express but can’t send any yet. Very frustrating, as I’m not exactly sure what to set up on my Incom. mail server adress.

  18. Sebastian P Mysko wrote:

    I write this a I sit here with ‘orange broadband support’ on the line. After 20mins, we have come to the simple conclusion that Microsoft Office is NOT SUPPORTED by Orange home broadband. Not only am I gutted about the fact I now have this super speedy connection, but have to login to my gmail should I need to reply to an email… but after being a highly satisfied mobile phone customer since 2000, feel genuinely empty that Orange has chosen to go to another country for online support.. great.

  19. Omar wrote:

    I couldn’t agree more with you Sebastian, this is exactly what they told me a year and a half ago, making my mail syncronisation with my new HTC Touch Diamond an annoance as I now need to use outlook again to receive POP3 for my phone to syncronize with, even though I still use webmail to converse :(

    They say that Outlook Express is supported, but you still cannot send mail through your own servers.

  20. Angela C wrote:

    Well I called Orange today to try and find out the smtp info for the Icon 225 mobile broadband so I could keep my existing old mail accounts via outlook and was told that “yes we have our own server but its flakey at best so we recommend you use your original smtp from your email accounts”.

    This tech guy claimed that it worked for other people he has spoken to – to be honest I would think that the success rate this way is almost as good as getting one number in the lottery.

    I have suggested that he and anyone else who wants to keep their job at Orange before we all terminate and go elsewhere bothers to look on the internet to see that there are hundreds of people saying that this “solution” does not work, and I say it is not acceptable as an explanation and as we are all keeping them employed they need to deal with it and not pass the buck.

    I am sick and tired of bullshit from small people in large corporations. If someone would pass a message and follow it to the top perhaps something would get done.

    Bottom line, I am dissapointed in the fact that they are not up front with what this product can and cannot do. I don’t like many others out there, want to use webmail.

  21. Omar wrote:

    I agree with you Angela but unfortunately, whilst we have power as individuals (though most of us do not realise it) it is becoming increasingly difficault to actually get the kind of services that we, as the end users, actually want due to the fact that these companies are so big and offer such cheap rates. I know that there are other very good alternatives out there but for the most part the mass population only know what they see in the street posters and TV ads. Can we blame the people on the other end of the phones who are under-trained, outsourced in other countries and disempowered in their own employment because they are expendable and easily replaced? I think not. And whilst it is more than frustrating, I try to always be understanding with intermediary telephone response staff… The IT technicians on the other hand who are just too lazy to get the details one asks for (such as with the people I spoke with at Orange for example) is another matter altogether. I still believe the responsibility lies with the Orange policies and lack of tolerance for public requests. Let’s not forget that Orangehome was Wanadoo… In my opinion, a convenient acquisition on the part of Orange that isn’t really their focus for real development or quality of service, but rather an incentive for mobile phone consumer retention and growth. By the time the consumer realises, it’s too late as they are stuck in a contract.

    But geez… this isn’t a socio-political discussion blog! lol

    Back to the point… Orangehome Broadband is crap, as many others are… How about posting alernatives here? I recommended Calranet above, and so the rest is to you guys ;)

  22. Doug wrote:

    I have been a Orange customer for 9 yrs. I have had phone accounts both for myself anf my staff.I recently signed up for 18 months of the Icon 225 an am having many of the same problems described above.

    I am on hold as we speak, if I dont get a satisfactory answer tonight then I will discontinue dealing with them. Contract or no contract oulook is one of the worlds most common bits of software, if orange can not integrate with it then their producxts are not fit for purpose.

  23. Sue wrote:

    I had an e-mail giving me 5 days notice that my account was closing last week. 45 mins and 5 useless calls later to operatives who had no idea what I was talking about I gave up. Now I have no e-mail facility and no way of contacting anyone at Orange who has a clue how to help. I had a wanadoo address which I had been told I could keep. I used Outlook express. This has happened to a work colleague this week too but she had no warning. We had so little useful guidance when we opened the account we had to buy in technical help.We will be changing from Orange ASAP.

  24. Rhodri jones wrote:

    I have exactly the same issue with a client of mine. Email setting work fine on laptop externally but cannot send via SMTP once connected to Orange.

    I am about to set up an account with (third party SMTP providers). I have no link with authsmtp apart from being a very satisfied customer. You can change the SMTP port (from the default 25) so I will try that and let others know how I get on if anyone is interested.


  25. Omar wrote:

    Thanks Rhodri, I’m sure we would all like to have concrete, proven solutions to this infamously inadequate service from Orangehome.

  26. Andy McCulloch wrote:

    Try instead of or whatever smtp server address you are using

  27. Akikur wrote:

    Andy – does that work ? tried it and seems ok —– if its going ok then thanks very much

    Orange CEO needs a little chat about this problem


  28. Omar wrote:

    I have just tested Andy’s suggestion and indeed, it does work!

    Horray! Finally a working Outlook 2003 on Windows via OrangeHome Broadband!!

    Thank you heaps Andy! ;)

  29. Dean wrote:

    Hi all, i’m also with orange and am appalled at the lack of knowledge the technical department have, after a long phone call to try and sort out my “not able to send email through windows mail” issues, I resorted to my own fixes. Thankfully I have solved the problem and have no more issues with regards sending and recieving emails via windows mail. I hope this helps.

    That’s it, pop needs the full orangehome and smtp needs just orange.

    Good luck!

  30. JP wrote:

    Hi guys,

    In the More Settings>>Outgoing email server take the tick out of the box ‘My outgoing server requires authentication” and OK.

  31. Taff wrote:

    Hi, just to put another cat in there, I was having the same issues until I read Mat’s comment above. Brilliant I am now up and running receiving and sending emails via Outlook and Windows mail on Vista.

    I simply changed the outgoing from (suggested by webmail)

    Worked a treat

    Have fun

    On the matter of customer services, I agree, they are truly inept and completly unhelpful. I only became a customer four days ago and I spent an hour and a half on the phone today trying to sort out a username problem. Pathetic.
    I just hope I have no more dealing with them.

  32. Peter wrote:

    Hi there, I have been using Orange with a freebox, (great for network printing using the usb socket by the way), and can honestly say – this is dangerous – I have had no problems. I have 7 different email addresses on different accounts, one of which is the orange account, and all work perfectly in Outlook Express on my desktop and Windows Mail in Vista on my laptop. I just set the incoming pop address to the appropriate setting for who the account is with and the outgoing smtp setting to ‘’. perhaps I am just very lucky ? I am on the edge of a small town a good way from the exchange and am receiving steady download speed of 3.5mb. Don’t give up hope yet!

    I confess to disappointment with the Icon 225 mobile, the speed is nothing like as good as my relatives vodafone version and I cannot set an outgoing smpt address for sending mails.

  33. Neil wrote:

    Well, I’ve tried all the above solutions and still no joy – incoming mail’s fine but I’ve found no way of sending via smtp, despite trying all possible combinations of the above.
    Really disappointing since one of the reasons for choosing orange mobile BB over the competitors was continuity for my email etc

  34. richard wrote:


  35. NORMA wrote:

    My mail account with orange shows
    For 5 days now I am not getting Yahoo Group mail. Orange blame Yahoo and Yahoo blame orange. I can send all mail and receive private mail. Just no yahoo group mail I am a member of 9 groups. Can anyone suggest another pop address for Incoming? Thanks Norma

  36. john voisey wrote:

    How interesting

    I have an Orange ICON225 Usb stick for “mobile broadband”. I can confirm that orange have for some YEARS “blocked” port 25 and forced all mail through their own smtp server, I was one of the first customers of “freeserve” who started that palaver, and orange just followed in their footsteps when they bought wanadoo who bought freeserve.

    But I can also confirm the mobile broadband stick isn’t blocked from sending to port 25 at all. I have my own mail server, and I can cheerfully telnet to its port 25, and merrily communicate…..

    The only problem is that some nasty person must have in the past used the orange mobile broadband gateway to send lots and lots of spam, because it’s IP address is quite formly lodged in the SPAMHAUS blocklist.

    … And guess what my own mail servers use to help block spammers!

    So it’s quite a laugh really, I can’t send mail to myself across cyberspace because my own mail server at the far end considers me a filthy spammer (!)

  37. Rick wrote: is the answer.

  38. Rick wrote:

    Apologies… I see this suggestion is redundant.

  39. Stella Smith wrote:

    Once again Orange is blocking outgoing emails from Outlook – I changed to port 587 which worked well up until yesterday.
    Anybody else with similar problems?

  40. John Walton wrote:

    Same problem here – I wish I’d stayed with BT now.

    Anyway, tried the previous solution from Andy McCulloch

    “Try instead of or whatever smtp server address you are using”

    This worked for me, but I’m not sure for how long..

  41. Pete Davies wrote:

    Same prob with Outgoing SMTP. Changed to yesterday and worked fine. Nothing doing today !! Anyone else having the same problem today ?

  42. Sid wrote:

    I’m leaving orange for BT and have a lot of emails that won’t download from the Orange webmail screens to Thunderbird. Newly received emails do download, its just old stuff I have a problem with. I’ve tried marking them as read and then unread and moving them to my inbox but they still stay in the webmail inbox and won’t download to the client on the local PC. I’ve tried using Outlook Express and have the same problem. Does anyone have any ideas how to force a download? I can forward them to myself and they seem to download then but there are 400 and I don’t want to do them all individually.

  43. jonathon wrote:

    I’ve now tried all suggestions with about every port number I can think. We have lost a huge amount of needed sales due to delays in responses and technical issues due to orange’s over selective email server.

    We are abondoning ship and moving to another ISP that will at least allow us to communicate with the outside world.

    I suggest everyone does the same. I have written to the CEO but expect no response.

    They do refuse to admit their system has floors, this is a sign of a buisness with a clear lack of active problem solving and internal communication…Maybe their using their own servers to talk to eachother?

  44. wrote:

    Its official… Orange mail compltely sucks! Been using since 2001, and now the f*ing thing won’t lend me send anything from Mail for Mac… tried all the above and nothing. I’m using password authentication, port 25, and the username…nothing.

    Any other suggestions out there?

  45. Alistair wrote:

    Could it be their DNS settings?
    Outlook2003,SP3 on XP Home2002, SP3
    Router using: “Get Automatically From ISP”
    Never had problems with Tiscali, not with SMTP anyhow…just everything else, hence I’m now with orange.

    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data: Request timed out / Request timed out / Request timed out / Request timed out. Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss) Maybe it’s being blocked for Ping.

    Tracert = []
    ipconfig /flushdns then shows it as
    so, maybe their DNS is crap? Did have a number of problems trying to use their own DNS server settings on my router.


  46. vic oram wrote:

    Well, am very pleased to note that others are having problems with outgoing email. Just changed to orage, and not very happy.
    Have Vista/outlook 2007, can receive emails from bt account and orange but cannot send anything, only way to send is to use webmail. any suggestions as to a final solution would be appreciated. So much for the Orange Free broadband and unlimited email accounts!!

  47. reviewerb wrote:

    Way back at the beginning of the thread a bright person suggested changing the port number for outgoing mail – this definately worked for me – I encourage you to give it a try

  48. Kim wrote:

    Orange……why do I stay with them?

    Just wanted to say that I have fixed my problem by using Andy’s suggestion above…..HURRAHHHHHH

    altered my settings to instead of the usual pop address
    then put

    I clicked the ‘more settings’ tab and checked ‘my outgoing server requires authentication and the ‘use same settings as my incoming mail server’

    Also increased my ‘time out’ time to 2mins 20secs.

    Under the advanced tab I put my settings as 110 and 25.

    My user information contains details of my private domain address and password, and my login details are my orange email address and password (or in my case ‘freeserve’).

    Then I ran the test and ……………………..WEPT with relief.

    Thanks to Andy who put the bit on here. Hope I have helped someone!


  49. Oh dear wrote:

    I have just changed back to Orange and I knew when I changed that this smtp thing was a problem. I live in rural France where Orange, a part of France Telecom, come from. I have email addresses from two different IPs 1&1 and Hostgator for my websites. Are you saying that if I change the pop settings to the suggested one in thunderbird, then all my emails will work.? I get the bit that they will got through the orange server but how does that equate with my ISPs ?

  50. Stephen wrote:

    Till 2 days ago we were blessed with oranges service -
    but now SMTP has vanished
    tried – no reply – no joy – NO

    Denied – Sorry no answers just another victim

  51. Gman wrote:

    Hi many thanks for your solution of the smtp port change to 587 it worked a treat. I concur with you after about 4 hours of the same run around and poor excuses with no joy from Orange i did the web blog search and your answer was the solution. Many thanks superb work.

  52. Jennifer wrote:

    I too have not been able to send mail for months. Whilst my problem is similar to all yours in that it is Orange causing the problems, I do not use Orange as my service provider (I’m on Virgin). I’ve had an orange mobile for 9 years, and signed up for an orange email address at the same time. I’ve had intermitent problems sending mail during this time, but usually found solutions looking online, and changing pop or smtp settings. No such luck this time. I’ve tried all suggestions on this page, and still nothing. Not even changing the ports. Receiving mail is not a problem ( The last time I could send mail I was using I am running Vista, and trying to use Outlook, which orange do say isn’t supported, however I have previously had it working.
    I’ve given up on their customer support. I was told that the only way round the problem was to completely delete my email address and reset it up. However there was no guarentee that I would be able to get the same email address back. Not sure how that was going to help solve the problem though.

    Is anyone else in the same situation? Or does anyone have any suggestions? I’m currently replying to all my mail using my hotmail account.

  53. Sidhu wrote:

    I have had the Dongle for a year when I first had it it was great and worked really well. However since NOV 2008, I began having problems with sending my emails, I am using Entourage 2004 on a Mac. I have spoken to Orange about this quite a few time about this and told them that I didn’t have a problem at first etc. They always express a surprise when I tell them about the problem and they say that they never heard of it before and technical support will get back to us. I tell them they should look on the internet and see how much people are slagging them off. Any way they have told me to change my smtp by I get all the errors that have been mentioned in this forum. The server they have told me to us that still does not work. However when I use my web account smtp it works intermittently. However it seems like these problems started when they started to offer the Blackberrys and servers weren’t compatible, I could be wrong but then its they who are encouraging the rumours and not sorting the problems out. So if anyone got solutions I would be grateful to know of one. Thanks

  54. Polly wrote:

    I have tried and tried to get Orange to help/ reply to my enquiries to them but to no avail – my emails are not getting out through Outlook Express and its frustrating trying to contact people when Outlook is the only way possible – is there any way known to man that can shake up/stir up/ put a bomb under/ move Orange into providing a service that is acceptable and responsible?

  55. JAMES wrote:

    please i need someone to direct me how to get smtp,(ip, username and password) that could be configured with my ams, to enable be to send mass mail to my friends, family and business associates.

  56. Ian wrote:

    I have never struggled to send or receive mail but i use for sending and my own mail provider for recieving.

    Worked for years but now my mail provider; easyspace tells me they are now checking reverse dns. If people send me mail with a different in and out reference they block as spam.

    In real terms this is what I do all the time. Our mails now cannot pass between team members and we block lots of our customers mail. So all the chat above about solutions are now obsolete anyhow.

    I need to change ISP to set up better with the same send and recieve. So can anyone recommend a new one or can we get a a second cheap route for mail only?

  57. hugh lewin wrote:

    A simply solution to the above problem. Tell them to take a running jump, cancel your direct debit, demand a Mac code and move to Tisacli or whoever. If they threaten you with cancellation charges just say “see you in court” – they wouldn`t dare to take court action!!!


  58. josephjenkins wrote:

    why is my land line phone not working

  59. Patrick wrote:

    I’ve had the same problem and only been with orange broadband for a couple of weeks!!!!
    . Changed the smtp settings to and the time out to 2 1/2 minutes. Seems to be sending ok at the moment. Be interesting to see if anybody else has any luck with that as Orange customer service are worse than useless and say they can’t be responsible for third party software i.e Microsoft Outlook!!!!!!!

  60. Paul wrote:

    Have bought a Blackberry from Orange and whilst it will send and recieve e-mail on a Blackberry address that was set up by Technical Support to prove that the device worked in this mode, I am unable to receive e-mails sent to a Freeserve address even though I can send on this address via the Blackberry.

    I have spent over 4 hours on the phone with many technical support departments in Blackberry Orange, Freeserve and Mobile Support and met with 60 degree sloping shoulders in all departments. Whilst individually they are very personable, technically they are vacant. They are clearly not fit for function.

    But has anyone found a solution to this problem?

  61. Ann wrote:

    I’ve had the same problem sending messages from my freeserve address. I’m using MS Outlook with a Sky broadband service

    Here’s what worked for me:
    Choose tools/E-mail Accounts/view or change existing accounts. Highlight your account and choose “change….”
    In the e-mail account settings – I left the user info with my freeserve address
    changed the log on information to my sky logon e-mail address and password
    left the pop server as and changed the smtp server to
    In “More Settings…”, on the Outgoing Server tab, I checked the box to say my smtp server requires authentication
    I and checked the box for “log on using…” and entered my sky log on e-mail address and password
    In the Advanced tab, I set the pop port to 110 and left the SSL box blank. For the smtp port, checked the SSL box and put in port 465.

    I can finally stop hitting my head off the wall.

  62. Orange hacker wrote:

    For all having problems with iPhone add login and passwd credentials to smtp settings, port 25 is still good. Works for me.

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