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Need help making data more accessible? From Infographics to Reports, Final Design Studios will make sure every data-point hits home.

We Use Visual Communication to Tell Your Stories.

Creative storytelling captures hearts and minds, but sometimes this can prove to be quite the challenge. We can help.

We can produce custom branded data illustrations for a whole array of needs. From reports to infographics and presentations to dashboards, we can accommodate your every data design need. If you don’t have all the data available, we can even harvest that all for you.

Tailored Services

Turn Complex Data or Information into
Visual Impact

Annual Reports & Print

Designing your report around graphs, charts & illustrations will improve its comprehension and impact whether it’s cover-to-cover or skim-read.

Presentation & Conference Materials

Giving your presentation more impact by visualising the narrative, simplifying complicated concepts & keeping your audience drawn-in.

Dashboard Design

We can help you make your dashboard more user-friendly by focusing it around usability and best-practice visual communication design.

Data Visualisation

Communicate what the numbers mean through visual design, rather than just text. Trends and anomalies are displayed with impact.


The go-to social media data communication method, great infographics get your message across & compel discussion around your brand.


Capture the modern audience with well-presented tables of data, charts and icons rather than relying on the traditionally text-heavy approach.

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