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Step by Step Overview

It can seem like a minefield navigating all the elements that constitute a successful and holistic online marketing plan, let alone executing it.
Here’s how we do it at Final Design Studios.

Step 1
Market & Audience Research

Market Research

We identify the strengths and weaknesses of competing campaigns, in organic, paid and social media channels,  which helps us make better tactical decisions about your target audience.

We conduct extensive topical keyword reasearch as well as evaluate the voices in your market. With the market, keyword, and influencer research under our belt, we are able to identify the best opportunities for delivering a multi-channel strategy that will leverage your existing content and inform the new.

KPIs & Kick-Off

We will measure where you sit versus your immediate and market-leading competitors, to establish KPIs for kick-off.

Your success will largely relate to the number of authoritative people talking about you, so we regularly benchmark your back links against your competitors; we measure traffic by source, social behaviour and fan sentiment; we measure your market share vs competitors and many other decision driving factors. Data plays a key role in every decision we take.

Step 2
Website Optimisation

Health Check & Tune Up

A Critical phase of the overall process; we put your web site under the microscope to ensure your website is well optimised for search, paid campaigns and social media engagement.

Your SEO site audit would consist of the most important factors that present opportunitiesy to boost your website’s visibility and ROI.

Website Audits Include:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Social Media Integration
  • Usability & Journey
  • META data & Titles
  • Structured-Data
  • Page Load Time
  • Internal & External Linking
  • Tracking & Integration

Step 3
Create Compelling Content

Content Creation

We create Rich, compelling & engaging content that demonstrates in-depth knowledge, stimulates conversation and compels links.

  • Google loves it
  • It increases conversion rates.
  • It increases brand loyalty
  • It allows you to connect more easily
  • It feeds your evangelists

We split-test different tactics, measuring each of the triggers for engagement within each of the different channels.

Link Earning

We use new and re-purposed content to drive exposure and build links to your website by getting the attention of key players.

Typical approaches you can try:

  • Being contrarian
  • Localise a national story
  • Provide a twist on trending news
  • Tie thought leadership to timely events
  • Capitalising on trends and recurring events
  • Responding promptly to changes with guides
  • Brand in partnership with important publishers

Step 4
Promote Your Website

Outreach Services

Working with us means you don’t need to worry about the integrity of the work deliveredwe have worked with the likes of Lloyds of London, Harrods, Catholic Truth Society and The British Safety Council.

Publishers that we build relationships with always discover plenty of great reason to link to your website and share your optimised content naturally.

We leverage paid channels where tactically advantageous. Google Search, Content Networks, Facebook Ads, Product listing ads, all working in synergy with your core marketing objectives in mind.

Social & Reputation Management

We put your brand in front of the right people, at the right time by connecting everything with everyone.

We find influencers whose voice carries weight in places where your target market congregate and build working relationships. This ensures great search rankings, brand awareness, and a ton of referral traffic.

We can neutralize publications with negative sentiment popping up around the web too.

Step 5
Measure & Scale Success

Transparent Reporting

Be it SEO, PPC, Social Media marketing or Conversion Optimisation, we have the means of extracting clear and empirical data demonstrating the strengths and weaknesses of the various approaches employed.

We try to always drive our campaign activity based on performance data. This is especially important when creating a multichannel strategy.

Tailor Made Joy

Every report can be tailored to your needs. With KPIs set to reflect what makes a difference to your business, you’ll have simple and clear reports showing you exactly how you’re performing. Week on Week, Year on Year, or even event-based reporting, just as you need it.

Simple reports will bring a smile to your face.

Some Interesting Facts

of consumers say blogs have Impacted their purchasing decission
Pieces of content are shared daily
of mobile users have made a mobile purchase in the last 6 months
We process visual information 60,000 times faster than text



Penguin, which went live in April 2012, catches spam, in particular identifying links that are pointing out of link farms and paid networks. Don’t try and short-cut your way to the top by entertaining ‘link buying’ services. Better to focus your attention on earning links from great web sites, rather than chasing links for the sake of attaining fixed quantities of so-called ‘quality links’.

Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets


Improve your search listing’s visual appeal and make use of the extended real estate awarded with Rich Snippets. Your listing can be complemented with star ratings, images or many other data-led details, such as recipe star review ratings along-side the number of calories per serving. This will usually also increase your search result’s overall Click-Through Rate, making it an even better investment.




Google’s Panda filter is specifically designed to ensure that low quality content appears lower in its SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). To avoid getting hurt by a Panda penalty you want to make sure that every web page has at lease 3-4 paragraphs of unique, compelling, and ultimately engaging content that keeps your visitors clicking through pages; not the back or the close button.