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You needn’t spend huge amounts of money on a paid campaign. We setup and manage ads to deliver maximum value.

Integrated & Bespoke PPC Management Services

Thanks to PPC, we are able to bid on any number of keywords or website placements, enabling us to very quickly make you a known brand in your market.

PPC (or pay-per-click) is an instant traffic medium, because you pay for the traffic that you receive, each time someone clicks on your ad. Ads are displayed in search results, as well as other websites in text, image and even video formats. With our PPC services, your business will discover the most profitable keywords to bid on and we will measure your return on investment to ensure targets are being met.

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Profitable Paid Results

Instant Results

From the moment your campaign goes live, you will experience a boost in traffic from keywords that drive brand awareness, direct sales as well as your bottom line.

Quickly Maneuverable

Within minutes, we will be able to switch in and out special promotions and test campaigns that will allow us to squeeze every penny’s worth out of your paid campaigns.

Faster Customer Profiling

Because we are able to quickly drive a great deal of very specifically targeted traffic you your pages, we are able to drill-down and identify key profit-driving target audiences.

Optimise Your Sales Pages Faster

Driving a great deal of highly targeted traffic to your sales pages will allow us to quickly advise on the best landing page design and messaging to boost conversions.

Expand Into New Markets

You may be the king of your hill, but imagine being able to quickly drive traffic from untapped locations or countries. We can target these to significantly scale your revenues.

Increase SEO Rankings

Although PPC does not directly influence SEO results, the work we invest in delivering a better user experience will directly translate to a better SEO score, boosting ranks.

What We’ll Be Doing

Paid Marketing Research

This stage of the PPC setup process, we carry out a series of  data-mining and trend analysis activities. We do this by leveraging specialised tools and years of experience across many marketplaces.

  • Google Keyword Planning Tool data mining
  • Cyclical and break-out trend analysis
  • Identify competitor keyword tactics and strategies
  • Nich market opportunity identification

Planning Your PPC Campaign

Once the PPC market research phase is complete, we can then empirically identify the best opportunities in terms of ROI. We do this by developing a roadmap which will allow us to:

  • Leverage existing assets
  • Boost brand visibility
  • Target low hanging fruit
  • Target valuable influencers
  • Gain favour by association

Paid Ad Creation Services

Having researched your marketplace and identifying current, future as well as historic competitor trends, we will be able to create relevant, timely, creative and action-driving ads. From text to video ads, Media Synaptic have the resources to make an impact and compel your audience to buy.

Optimise PPC with Split-Testing

With such a maneuverable medium as PPC, we are able to quickly create variations on ads as well as web site pages in order to identify which ones work best, driving the maximum number of sales and triggering the greatest buzz around your brand.

Cross-Platform Paid Marketing

Although Google represents the lion’s share of search visibility, we do not ignore the opportunities that other networks offer. For larger corporate campaigns want to ensure that your messages are seen by your target market wherever they are on the web, ensuring omnipresence at the moments that matter.

PPC Performance Reporting

You will receive regular reports demonstrating the value of your paid campaign in an easy to digest format. With executive as well as granular reporting as and when needed, all your paid marketing goals can easily be measured and aligned with your in-house key performance indicators.

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