Add Framework: Testimonials

Add Framework: Testimonials


The Testimonials Framework is critical if you intend on adding a series of client/customer testimonials. You can upload a profile pic for each testimonial and there are fields for company name and their position at the company so that all testimonial blocks look well organised. You may wish to organise them into a series of different categories and display different groups in different locations of the website. Example: You provide services to an array of different types of client and want to group them into their own categories (lawyers, fashion brands, government agencies, etc.), so that you can display testimonials from specific categories in targeted locations of the website (to increase conversions).


We setup the framework, then design your category pages and we also design one template page, so that all your portfolio or case study pages live in the same ‘environment’. We also add a rotating Testimonials block into your home page.

Main benefit: This will save you many hours of work each time you want to add a new testimonial due to it’s unique templating and profile templating and increase conversion rates when you target testimonial groups to specific pages.