Wholesale Pricing & Minimum Order Amount


  • Product Minimums (including global values)
  • Order Quantity Minimums
  • Order Amount Minimums
  • Order Quantity Steps
  • Category Quantity Minimums and Maximums
  • Category Amount Minimums and Maximums




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Wholesale Customer User Role

This extension creates a new user role called “Wholesale Customer” which is the same as the “Customer” role that WooCommerce sets up, but with the added capability “order_wholesale”. The main purpose is to allow you to use one WooCommerce install, and one set of products, to sell to both retail and wholesale customers at the same time, with separate pricing and taxes.It adds a Wholesale Price input field for products and variations. Wholesale prices will ONLY be shown to users with the Wholesale Customer role, although there is an option that you can check to treat the admin user as a wholesale customer for testing.

It also adds a “Wholesale Only” check box next to the wholesale price fields. If this box is checked, those products, or variations, will be hidden from your shop for regular customers and visitors who are not logged in. This allows you to create products that are only for your Wholesale Customers.

In addition, there are separate tax settings for Wholesale Customers. You can either disable taxes completely for Wholesale Customers, or you can define your own default tax class for Wholesale Customers in addition to being able to specify the tax class for each product for Wholesale Customers.

This extension also adds an order type to each order. Order types are either “Wholesale” or “Retail”, and you can quickly filter the orders by either type in the main WooCommerce Orders list table.

You can also define custom messages for Wholesale customers, as well as modify the text for the prices shown.

User Role Minimums

WooCommerce User Role Minimums lets you set up multiple levels of product and order minimums and assign them based on user role, or even by individual user. Product level minimum quantities, maximum quantities, and quantity steps can be defined for each product and product variation. Overall order minimum quantities and order minimum amounts can also be defined. Any number of product or order minimums can be defined, each with a unique name for your own reference, and then assigned in any combination to roles or individual users.