WordPress Maintenance 3 (High Security & 1hr)

£129.00 / month

Monthly maintenance fee to ensure you remain safe, up to date and doubly protected with premium WordPress firewall and 1hr of maintenance-related technical support included. 1 hour of technical support is usually enough to ensure that any potential plugin, theme or security patch update that cause a problem in the future is resolved with minimum disruption.

Good for e-commerce and social sites, where security is more important.

  • Bi-Weekly Updates
  • Core updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Theme updates
  • Daily off-site backups
  • High Security WordPress Firewall
  • 1hr maintenance-related additional technical support per month

Need mission-critical maintenance and technical support? Try the WordPress Maintenance 4.


WordPress Maintenance 2 (Standard & 30m)
WordPress Maintenance 4 (High Security & 2hrs )

Why maintenance is critical:

The most common hacking attempts try to turn your hosting server into an automated bot for sending spam email. Hackers will also try to gain control of your website to get your visitors to unknowingly download and install malicious software packages. With so many people working on the platform though – continuously testing, patching, and coding – vulnerabilities are fixed almost as soon as they’re discovered, then we make the updates for you.