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Business Website Upgrade

Stone Panel ltd. approached Final Design Studios to perform a full overhaul of their website. The old website was hard for them to add or edit content, was not as attractive as they would like and most importantly was not mobile friendly.

Over the course of about 3 months we were able to successfully rebuild their website from the ground up with SEO, usability and ease of management at its core.

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Stone Panel had a great number of beautiful photographs illustrating the work that they performed for their clients, which we decided would become of central importance for the end user. Being a business that prided itself in improving the appearance of both indoor and outdoor design, it made sense to follow this through to the website and deliver a gorgeous experience right off the bat.

Despite the image-heavy presentation, we were able to optimise the site delivery and create templates which made it easy to add and edit their product ranges.


As with all web design projects that FDS deliver, it was a responsive website, fit for mobile and tablet friendly display and usability.



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