Making the Website Mobile-Friendly & Editable

Bronzecraft Web Rebuild Example

Static to CMS

The Bronzecraft website was originally built in static HTML and was not mobile compliant. Understanding the importance that mobile friendly design plays in today’s ecosystem, Bronzecraft decided to upgrade the website.

Given the extreme benefits that we afford our clients with such a small fee, WordPress was chosen to rebuild the site onto. Not only would this facilitate a mobile friendly delivery, but it also meant that Bronzecraft would be able to add new content and edit the existing pages; something previously impossible for them.

Final Design Studios not only rebuilt the site on a flexible WordPress platform but also integrated visitor, event and goal tracking. This has meant that all their successes can be tracked back to their origins and leveraged in future.

Google Tag manager, Analytics and Webmaster tools were all connected as well as a new Facebook page, which we also set up for them and tied together.


We delivered a responsive website, fit for mobile and tablet friendly display and usability.



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Omar is exceedingly helpful and patient, produces very good results on time and most importantly is easy to reach.

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