Fix a Broken WordPress Site Project

Website Rebuild for Jimmy Turrell on WordPress displayed on laptop Example

FIXING WordPress

Jimmy was referred to us in 2016 and needed our help to get his videos to display on his WordPress website. Unfortunately the web developers who built the site for him to begin with did not do a stellar job. The site didn’t function properly in the back-end which meant that Jimmy was unable to add the videos he wanted to add. Furthermore, he was unable to put his images in the order he wanted them in.

Making matters worse, he needed this fixed ASAP as the release of his new music video project for Beck was due to receive a lot of attention at it’s release.

Final Design Studios rebuilt the website from the ground up, migrated his existing content, refined the way in which his projects were delivered, optimised image and site load time and gave him a drag and drop interface for his admin area, making it a piece of cake for him to add/edit any of his pages or portfolio items.

Naturally, we upgraded the site to ensure it was also responsive, making it mobile & tablet friendly.


We delivered a responsive website, fit for mobile and tablet friendly display and usability.

Website Rebuild for Mobile

WRITTEN Testimonial

Omar was an absolute dream to work with. Very informative and helpful throughout the process and delivered a great website that is easy to navigate and very simple to upload and make changes to.

Jimmy Turrell

EMC Consultants